How and where to add a missing library for Caffe2

Hi guys,

How is Caffe2 installed as part of Lambda Stack and how can I administer the installation (and the stack installations in general)?

I get the following when I try to run a test for FB’s Detectron, for which I did all the installation steps (as laid out in Install Detectron) except the Caffe2 update mentioned here:
ivogeorg@turnaround:~/git-repos/Detectron$ python2 detectron/tests/
No handlers could be found for logger “caffe2.python.net_drawer”
net_drawer will not run correctly. Please install the correct dependencies.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “detectron/tests/”, line 88, in
File “/home/ivogeorg/git-repos/Detectron/detectron/utils/”, line 41, in import_detectron_ops
detectron_ops_lib = envu.get_detectron_ops_lib()
File “/home/ivogeorg/git-repos/Detectron/detectron/utils/”, line 71, in get_detectron_ops_lib
('Detectron ops lib not found; make sure that your Caffe2 ’
AssertionError: Detectron ops lib not found; make sure that your Caffe2 version includes Detectron module

How do I update the stack’s Caffe2 with the missing library?

Thanks much,


Hi Ivo, quick answer is that you need to wait for a rolling release of the latest version of caffe2 to come onto Lambda Stack.

You can email with this Caffe2 update request, I’ve notified our engineers about this request for update.