Tensorbook reboot and show black

Hi there,
I have a big issue for my tensorbook. After installing cuda10, black screen is present when rebooting my laptop. I can not select any boot options since nothing except for black screen shows. The only thing I did was that when I installed cuda10, I selected the latest driver and it failed to install.

Can you enter tty with CTRL+ALT+F3

it doesn’t work. Somtimes it just automatically sleep and when I press the botton to wake it up, it shows a black screen.

Also, the light of disk is off when I reboot the laptop. Now my laptop can not reboot while the screen shows black and it gets overheating. Thanks for your patience.

@lwxnba it depends on what version of TensorBook that you have. You should probably re-install the entire OS at this point, you should be using Lambda Stack and not manually installing drivers. Please follow this guide step by step:

When did you purchase your TensorBook? You can try following this guide for re-installing the OS: