ASUS X99 E WS 10G BIOS Update Tutorial

  1. You can updaet the BIOS on an ASUS X99 E WS 10G motherboard using the ASUS EZ Flash 3 utility. Go to BIOS > ASUS EZ Flash Utility under the Tool Tab in the Advanced View (F7). It has an “update via Internet” feature.

  2. Instead, you can do it via USB and the BIOS_FLBK button:

    1. Download the BIOS update here: ||ASUS USA
    2. Unzip it, copy the contents to a USB and RENAME the .CAP file to X99E10G.CAP.
    3. Plug the USB in to the system when it’s plugged in but turned off.
    4. Press and hold the BIOS_FLBK button (see number 12 on attached image) until the LED next to it stops blinking.
    5. Start the system.