Availability In India of Lambda Cloud GPU

Hi I am an AI Engineer based in India

In my free time I often work with students (currently studying in the university from which I have graduated) on various research projects. We where looking ways to optimize costs and your service will really help us a way forward in that direction

When we tried to avail your service the payment got constantly declined despite using Master Card and Visa Card from various banks (which works in other U.S.A based services). I saw that India was not available in the list of countries supported by LambdaLabs. How do I use your service in India

We really need the service, we are ready to directly purchase the credits if not available through the website, we really need to optimize costs to continue our research and your platform is a promising route in that direction

Please let us know

Link to an opensource AI model we have published (over 154 stars in github) GitHub - Ant-Brain/EfficientWord-Net: OneShot Learning-based hotword detection.

Chidhambararajan R


Hi @Chidha, you are correct, India is not currently supported. But please submit a ticket to Lambda Support with your account details so we can examine that.

Thank you.

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What is the update on this? Is LambdaLabs supported in India yet?

Hello, unfortunately we do not support it, and currently there are no plans to add it.
You can view currently supported regions here - Billing - Lambda Docs

Thank you