Can unreal engine run on Lambda

Unreal Engine requires RTX in order to run many of the most powerful features. I was wondering if it is possible to set-up unreal engine using Lambda, and if so, does anyone have a Youtube tutorial on how to set it up? I only have a laptop without an RTX graphics processor, so using Lambda would be an ideal solution.

Does anyone have any idea about this question?



  • While I’m not sure I can answer your Unreal Engine questions specifically, I can get you rolling on running GUI applications on Lambda GPU Cloud and even a solid swing at running Unreal… Getting your specific software running may require a bit more legwork, but this might help for future needs. If you’re already familiar with how to do something like this then please disregard this comment entirely, just wanted to share my own experimenting.

Setting Up an Instance:

  • Defer to the Lambda GPU Cloud docs. I just grabbed and accessed a rental instance with a single A10 GPU. Takes a minute tops.

Enable X11 Forwarding via SSH:

`ssh ubuntu@<IP_ADDRESS> -i YourKey.pem`
`sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config`

…uncomment out ForwardX11

`sudo systemctl restart ssh sshd`

Set up your vncserver and desktop:

`sudo apt-get install tightvncserver`
`vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24`

…enter your desired password when prompted

`sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop`

…this is somewhat preference, but XFCE4 has played nice with VNC sessions with me and the quicker the install the better for instances, so… seems like an easy pick.

`export DISPLAY=:1`

…leave this window up and running and return to your host machine for the next part.

Accessing your GUI via VNC:

(here I’m assuming you’re running Ubuntu, if you have a preferred OS or VNC client use that instead). This is on your LOCAL machine:

`sudo apt-get install remmina`

…start Remmina, click “new” and set the protocol to “Remmina VNC Plugin”. Set “Server” to:


…and click “connect”… you should be greeted by an XFCE4 Desktop.

You’ll have a ton of warning messages to click away… but once you’re in you can use this as a regular desktop. I’d downlaoded UnrealEngine via the installed web-browser you can now use normally:

### log into Epic and download from

cd /home/ubuntu/Downloads
wget <the_link_to_Linux_Unreal_Engine_****.zip>
unzip <downloaded>.zip > /dev/null
	-> takes a minute or two..
cd ~/Downloads/Engine/Binaries/Linux


Where my experimentation fell short:
Launching Unreal Editor fails with a number of issues. I wish I had more time to devote to this specific issue and I might return to it, but my A10 hours rack up quick with these projects :slight_smile:

Skimming the web, those far more familiar with Unreal Engine seem to have had success launching the editor from regularly-headless instances in the past. I’d follow up with them and participate in those forums and see what you can figure it out from there.

Best of luck and keep us posted if you find out anything more!

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