Daily Use Experience othe than ML

Due to the limited users, I’ve had a hard time finding the reviews about tensor book x razer after the first gen released. Could anyone having a newer model Tensorbook talk about something good or bad about daily use other than training ML/DL. I was planning to get one for both ML and personal use (youtube, not-gpu intensive tasks and battery life, game compatibility).

Hey, late 2021 hardware here.

Battery life is exactly what you would expect on a “gaming” laptop, and it’s also supposed to be thin. Booting into Windows will yield almost 2 hours of battery life depending on your setup. Booting into Ubuntu may provide about 4 hours of battery life from my experience.

I don’t understand the other concerns about “game compatibility” and what-not. It’s a laptop with an Intel processor, an NVidia GPU, and razer firmware/bios. It runs anything that any other computer would run?

It’s an extremely trusty option when travelling often and needing a decent amount of power in a compact form-factor. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It says LambdaLabs on it in pretty colors and stuff so that’s nice as well.