Desktop windows 10 Cuda issue

Hello. We recently bought the Desktop which has 4 titan xp.
I use the conda install tensorflow-gpu and keras.
However the kernal keep dying.
The conda install the Cuda and cudnn install automaticallly.
However, it keeps dying so I try to install the everything manually.
I have installed the Geforce and visual studio with 2015 toolkit.
However I face the cuda installation failure.
Also the system bluescreen shows a lot.
Do you have any procedure manual for windows 10?
I need tensorflow and keras for it.
Thank you.

I successfully install cuda 9 and tensorflow GPU. However it freeze and show the bluescreen whenever I used multi GPU training. I cannot believe that around 20,000 cad desktop has so many issue like this. My 2,000 asus laptop is much better work without any problem. Do you guys have any support option instead of this board.

Ehm this is looking like a BIOS failure. Use the default bios settings. Make sure that you installed the UEFI version of Windows and maybe reinstall all the drivers. Overall I cant recommend a multi gpu rig in windows for Tensorflow… its really buggy especially with conda. Install everything with pip and a UNIX based system. You will have a lot more luck with that.

Leon Nowsden

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Thank you Leon
I installed every drivers already.
I face problem still.
First assumption is that we have 4 GPU and I assigned manually 3 GPU. When we use GPU 1 which seems like internally used in the windows (I checked by task manager and it goes 100% however others just use only 20 % during the training) we face the freeze. So I assigned GPU ID only use GPU 0,2,3. Now mult- gpu training is working.
In this afternoon I will check again. In the windows, I only can use the Cuda 9 for tensorflow. I agree your opinion however our organization can not allowed dual-booting. So I only can use the windows computer in the office.

Then I am sorry. I dont have an idea right now.


@Cherrypie can you email

Off the top of my head it sounds like you’re using one GPU as the display GPU and then hammering on all four GPUs simultaneously, including the one that’s used to drive the display. Thus the freezing / stuttering.

Again, please submit this ticket to if you haven’t fixed it yet.