EU-specific PSU-to-wall power cord not provided


Our company has purchased and received Lambda Vector workstation for usage in EU, France. Unexpectedly, the workstation is not usable out of the box in Europe, since the PSU-to-wall power cord is US-specific (NEMA 6-15P or similar from our understanding). We have contacted the support 2 months ago, but the situation is still not resolved.

Provided the above, we do have the following questions:

  1. Do we understand correctly that it is expected that a European customer is expected to purchase the EU-compatible PSU-to-wall power cord?
  2. What are the exact specifications for such a power cord?
  3. If the EU-compatible power cord in #2 is purchased, can firm commitment be provided by Lambda that the workstation warranty won’t be affected?

Thank you in advance,

We use IEC 60320 C19 to IEC 60320 C20 in our labs (Vector Workstation)

As long as you have the C19 in one end it should be fine and we have not had any issues with support using this

We have finally received the EU-compatible power cord. Thank you for your comments.