How to create an music streaming app like Spotify?

Hello, Can you please explain the factors and procedure to create a music streaming platform like Spotify and what are essential thing needed to start a streaming business and cost to make a platform?

Thanks Advance

The music streaming industry is trending all over the world due to its benefits and convenience over the end-users and platform owners. A lot of platform owners and distributors prefers the music streaming business to leverage the benefits. Now the market is filled with a lot of platform providers. You have to choose the best one based upon your needs. Before that, you have to know the complete details about the tech stacks and features you need for your streaming platform and ways to monetize it.Cost factors is identified based on the features you choose to make a platform. To make this easier I’ll share you complete steps and guide to build a music streaming app here Ref: Create a Spotify Like Music Streaming App & Website That Actually Doubles Your Revenue | HackerNoon

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Thanks For the Suggestion & Guide Dwarak