How to install CUDA 11?

When I launch a new instance, it seems that CUDA 12.2 is pre-installed.

It looks like Lambda uses their own apt repository to install CUDA, instead of using NVIDIA’s official repository: Lambda Stack: an AI software stack that's always up-to-date

I am struggling to find a way to install CUDA 11 from the Lambda Stack repo, because I cannot see any manual of the Lambda Stack repository.

How you guys to run CUDA 11 programs from the latest instances?

It would be done the same was as on any machine.

  1. Keep the drive updated to the newer version.
  2. For Versioning of CUDA, PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc. these need to be in sync. You would use Docker, Python venv or Anaconda for versioning. This gives you the most flexibility to change versions of CUDA and software dependent on the CUDA version.