Issue with adding the card. Your card has been declined

I’m a research student trying to use the cloud training for my research.
When I try to add my credit card it appears as Your card has been declined. on the bottom of the payment option.

These are the steps I did

  1. Fill the card information
  2. Then popup comes for the OTP code
  3. Fill that and the it redirects to the initial page

Then it shows this message.“Your card has been declined.”

The screenshot is attached herewith.

I’m in - SriLanka
Using - VISA cards (Tried with HSBC and Sampath Cards), Same issue.
International Payments are enabled.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hey @dulanj , I’m wondering if were you able to resolve the issue? I am facing the same issue right now and I am having a hard time resolving it.

Hi @kenhuangsy, have you checked the limitations of payment methods in this doc? Why is my credit or debit card being declined? | Lambda Docs

If you still think there’s a fault I suggest submitting a ticket at Lambda Support