Python 3.8 and tensorflow 2.10

is there a way for me to install both of those and use a gpu say the T4 on a vm , all to train ML models? please advise and help !

Was this meant to be part of a thread? And is this your own machine you are running a VM on? The cloud is using VMs.

So yes you will need Python and tensorflow installed for tensorflow based project.
You can ‘version’ using Docker, Python venv or Anaconda/miniconda. And that can be done on baremetal machines, VMs or cloud.
We have simple ‘getting started’ documentation for these at:
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How do I install Docker and run a container? | Lambda Docs
How do I create a Python virtual environment? | Lambda Docs
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A VM adds overhead, and docker would be the simplest “pre-canned” images.
NVIDIA provides the NGC repository which could be helpful to pick python version + TF version.
TensorFlow | NVIDIA NGC
Next easiest is Anaconda/Conda to use for a old version of Python no longer installed.
conda create --name my_env python=3.8.5 -c anaconda -c nvidia

python venv the old version should be a alternate Ubuntu version installed

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