Ubuntu 16.04: Upgrade to TensorFlow 1.4

Tensorflow 1.4 now requires cuDNN 6. Follow these steps:

  1. Download cuDNN 6 from NVIDIA here:
    Log in | NVIDIA Developer
  2. Extract cuDNN to your CUDA directory:
    sudo tar xvf <PATH_TO_CUDNN_6> -C /usr/local/cuda-8.0 --strip-components=1
  3. Install Tensorflow 1.4:
    sudo pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.4.1

Make sure that CUDA 8 is installed. You can verify this with nvcc --version. If not, you’ll need to install CUDA 8. Download the runfile and install it like this:

sudo sh <PATH_TO_CUDA_8_RUN> --silent --toolkit --no-opengl-libs

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