Wifi Problem : No WifiAdaptor Found

I own the tensorbook Premium. My laptop all of a sudden stopped connecting to wifi. It says “No Wi-Fi Adaptor Found.” Is there a wifi button to turn off that I pressed accidentally ? The airplane mode is turned off. I am not sure what to do.
Please help!


I am facing the same issue… where you able to resolve it??


Has anyone found the solution to this?

I have had this laptop less than a month, and now the wifi stopped working.

Please let me know how to fix this so that it works again.

I solved it. There is a bug in the Ubuntu 20.04 GUI for managing wifi.

Run this command:

# sudo nmcli radio wifi on

Boom! Wifi is back in business.

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@abeusher42 thank you. That worked for me. :smiley: