A6000 (Ampere) temperatures

What temperatures is everyone seeing in their Vector workstations with (Ampere) A6000 under full sustained load (say, llama inference)?

I am interested not only in “GPU temperature” reported by nvidia-smi, but also “hot spot” and “memory junction” which are only visible in Windows.

I see mine getting to:

  • GPU overall: 87C
  • hot spot gets to: 98C
  • memory junction gets to: 102C

all while fan stays at 70% and core clock is stable at 1400+MHz.

Still, these temperatures seem surprising to me, therefore want to compare with what others see. Thanks!

These are available on Linux and on some motherboards that have IPMI (WRX80E).
Temperatures in the chassis will vary greatly depending on:

  • The amount of memory
  • CPU type
  • Fans and cooling (which normally depends on the overall hardware)
  • If you added hardware
  • How many GPUs
  • Fan speed adjustments
  • Airflow in the location where the workstation is placed

IPMI is more reliable and complete information, if you have that. Adjustments can be made depending on which motherboard also.

Could you provide which motherboard model you have?