Vector Workstation, no display 2x NVIDIA RTX 6000

We just got a Vector workstation, 2x NVIDIA RTX 6000 running ubuntu but we can’t get any display using one of the 8 displayport connectors to a definitely working monitor.

Also, what do the “M and C” switches mean on the front of a vector?

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Hi Gary,

You would use the top most GPU for your monitor. Sometimes also what helps is to turn off the VGA switch on the motherboard. These depends on which mobo you have of course. Most of our vectors have an ASUS board and you should be able to fine that switch here:

Also, sometimes things get shifter during shipping so you can try reseating your GPUs as well. If you need any more assistance you can always file a support ticket.


Any luck resolving this? Just received our vector workstation with a single A6000 and are running into the exact same issue. Very disappointing to say the least.

I am in the same boat. I tried turning off the VGA switch and reseating the GPU’s but no luck! I submitted a support ticket but any other suggestions?

I am having exactly the same problem, neither connecting via DisplayPort nor USB-C works, turning off the VGA switch or reseating does not work either :frowning:

Judging by the number of people on the thread, this seems like a common problem, very disappointing…

Edit: after reseating again and playing with cables some more, things started working. Not sure exactly what helped.