Lambda Blade: Installing Red Hat EL7 (RHEL7)

I plan to re-install operating system. Does Blade system work with redhat el 7 without additional network card drivers? Or, any other special drivers needed? Would Ubuntu 16 install fine on the Blade machine without any additional 3rd party drivers required?

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Yes, you wouldn’t need any additional 3rd party drivers to install CentOS, Red Hat (RHEL), or Ubuntu. However, after installing the OS, you will need to re-install the NVIDIA graphics drivers, CUDA, libcuda, TensorFlow, etc. The Deep Learning stack isn’t a part of any of these Operating Systems.

Does that answer your question?

On my current Lambda Labs machine, it runs Ubuntu. I would like to instead install Redhat (RHEL7 is my organization’s supported Linux flavor). After wipe and RHEL install, interpreting the above comment, would all I need to do is re-install the Lambda Stack, i.e. Lambda Stack: an AI software stack that's always up-to-date ?