Lambda Stack seems to be wiped out after Ubuntu update


I do not see a ticket from you for 3 months. ‘’ should create a ticket.
And Jeremy is still here and active.

It looks like it was removed since the ‘nvidia-smi’ command is not even found. So it looks like the
nvidia software is not installed. You can email me or ‘’ and we can walk
through this or do it for you and make sure it is working.

The following will remove all NVidia software, deep learning libraries, and then reinstall Lambda Stack.

sudo rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/{graphics,nvidia,cuda}*; \
	COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l |
	awk '/cuda|lib(accinj64|cu(blas|dart|dnn|fft|inj|pti|rand|solver|sparse)|magma|nccl|npp|nv[^p])|nv(idia
|ml)|tensor(flow|board)|torch/ { print $2 }' |
	sudo xargs -or apt -y remove --purge && LAMBDA_REPO=$(mktemp) && \
	wget -O${LAMBDA_REPO} && \
	sudo dpkg -i ${LAMBDA_REPO} && rm -f ${LAMBDA_REPO} && \
	sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y install lambda-stack-cuda

Try running that, then reboot, and let me know if you’re able to run nvidia-smi.