LambdStack on WSL2 vs ACPI

While waiting for a Lambda Workstation, I was trying to install the LambdaStack on WSL2 (Ubuntu 22.04). The installation got stuck in activating the ACPI service via systemd. Apparently you are not supposed to the ACPI services in a container (i.e. WSL2). Is there a workaround?

I don’t have a setup to perfectly mimic this, so apologies in advance at what is mostly a guesswork answer. Trying to recreate on my only Windows machine did not encounter any issues, however without realizing I’d installed it on WSL1 and only LATER upgraded to WSL2 - so perhaps that’s worth a shot (setting up a fresh 22.04 WSL1 distro, attempting install, and if-successful upgrading it to the desired WSL2)?

Assuming that’s not it - some guesses:

ACPI’s service unit file has a condition prior to ExecStart which I believe you alluded to:

# line within service file for acpid.service

if you edit /etc/systemd/system/ in your WSL2 distro to remove that line, perhaps you will have more success - however this assumes that your container is set up correctly with systemd and I’m not even sure if WSL2 can enable/start services normally this way.

It seems like ACPI runs with no args outside of what’s in the environment-file, which by-default is blank. So perhaps try running:

# manually run the ExecStart section

-which should get the task running in the background (per dmesg, it’s not doing much… but if you just want to get through the installer this might be enough if there’s some sort of process-loop check going on?).

See if you can get more information when it’s hung. Can you find the PID of your lambda-stack install with ps aux | grep -i install and then, as root in another window on the same distro, run:

strace -p <PID>

-when it’s hung and share what you’re seeing. That might give us more clues as to what’s going on.

Well, WSL2 does not have the ACPI service set up – not systemd control file, /usr/sbin/acpid is missing, etc. It seems that the lambda stack installation somehow installs it and when systemd tries it gets stuck (looks like the systemd keeps trying forever).

BTW, I used these instructions: Quick Setup for Deep Learning in Windows via WSL2 using Lambda Stack | by Sourodip Kundu | Medium

Question: Is there a way to prohibit lambda stack from starting the acpi service?


Well, using the ‘official’ installation scripts the installation completes and TF detects the GPU.

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