Tensorbook frozen after locking


I recently purchased a Tensorbook around a week ago. It’s been great to use and I’ve been able to get a virtual environment set up for my deep learning tasks.

However, there are times where if I leave the laptop locked overnight and open it the next day, the mouse and keyboard are both frozen leaving me with my only option of doing a hard restart (holding the power button). I don’t think this is normal and was wondering if someone could help me. Thanks.



Is it Ubuntu or Windows? I’ve had issues like that with Windows in the past, but not with Ubuntu.
I suggest updating your drivers if it’s windows, and take a look at the Power Saving settings.

Thanks @Johann. Unfortunately it’s on Ubuntu. Is there anything in the Power Saving settings I should be looking at? It seems to be working right now but very spotty with whether or not it’ll freeze.

Hey Escanillans,

Sorry for the very later reply I don’t check here often Unfortunately I don’t know Linux that well, so can’t be of assistance, but I have a 2018 Tensorbook with Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and have not had that problem

When looking at my power settings, I don’t see anything specific that might help you