Ubuntu won't boot to desktop after disconnecting and then re-connecting SSD

I think it can still read the disk as the splash screen and UEFI screen is there. But there is a problem while booting. This is the output I get:

I looked at journalctl -xb, but didn’t know how to interpret that, it is also few hundred lines long. Basically default mode isn’t working. Tried systemctl reboot, which I guess default settings with extra step, also didn’t work. The machine was bought from lambda back in 2019.

It would be hard to say without the journalctl -xb or the logs.
You should be able to hit ‘return’ to get to the prompt. (This looks like single user boot or ‘recovery mode’).

It could be complaining for many reasons,but it looks like the motherboard, CPU, memory all seem happy. It could be as minor as updating your /etc/fstab (for a bad mount that is required in /etc/fstab or wrong entry).