Quad workstation won't boot after long disuse

Hi there guys,

I was abroad for many months and my QUAD no longer boots. I check if the UPS had a problem by bypassing it but no. I opened the box to clean it but that did fix anything. It’s just dark screen. Only once did it get to setup but I didn’t have a procedure to follow and exited, and now I can’t go back. The QUAD was connected to the UPS during the hiatus but the UPS was turned off.

What are my options with Lambda? I am probably long after any service but I would be willing to buy it if available. I am afraid I have thrown away the box and packaging so I might need to buy that, too. Some online conference might work for troubleshooting but you can’t remote to the machine if it won’t boot. Please, advise!

Thanks in advance,



The things I would do to check:

  1. Check that you have lights on the motherboard and it is starting up.

    • If no lights on the motherboard I would recheck the power and power supply
  2. Are you seeing BIOS or anything on your display.

    • Of course check the obvious - monitor is on, plugged in.
      a. If there is still no monitor showing up for the BIOS level

      • Re-seat the HDMI/DP cable
      • Perhaps re-seat the GPU
      • Clear the CMOS/BIOS - Power down/unplug the machines, then either press the ‘clear CMOS’ button or pull the batter on the motherboard. And put the battery back in, plug in and power up.

      b. If there is BIOS seen on the monitor

      • Hit ‘Control-alt-F3’ to see if you can get a terminal screen.
        • This is most common if there was a issue with X11 or updates.
      • If this works I would remove if it exists:
        $ sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf
      • or re-run the driver install at least the grub step.
        $ sudo update-initramfs -u -k all &&
        $ sudo update-grub
  3. Check the motherboard. Depending on the motherboard (and if you can see)
    - There is a LED display with ‘88’ which while show different values as the BIOS
    starts up. That can tell us where in the BIOS the system is.
    - These Postcode/Q-Code/Motherboard codes I then lookup in the motherboard manual
    (or google) to find the meaning. Normally starts with 00 and ends with AA or similar.

That should give you a start on what to check.