Lambda Quad: Boot Cycling after hard drive change

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We have a Lambda Quad that comes with 4 1080Ti. Out of curiosity, we shut down the system, unplugged the hdd and we put the hdds back to thier original slot. To our surprise, the system does not boot anymore, it keeps looping infinitely, turning on and off, it never reach the boot screen for every loop. We ensure that the hdds are in close contact and LEDs blinking. What could possibly gone wrong? please advise. Thanks!

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Moving or removing hard drives can sometimes cause the motherboard to fall into a bad state. To fix this issue, perform a factory reset (CMOS clear) of the motherboard. To do this, follow this guide.

Hopefully your machine will successfully reboot! Generally, if you want to edit BIOS settings, just repeatedly press F2 or Delete key as the machine boots.

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Michael, thank you very much for the detailed steps! This is very helpful!