Lambda Quad (Ubuntu) no display signal at all

We have a 2018 quad. One day it simply shut down with no display signal coming out of any of the video output. The error code of the ASUS mother board says “00”, which indicates a hardware issue. How do I send it back for repair(maybe with a cost)?

You can go to Lambda Support and open a ticket.
It looks like you have done that and they are helping already.

To save/time money the first step is:

  • Clear the CMOS - just to make sure it is not a simple fix.
  • Then it would likely require shipping, debugging.
  • A Qcode of 00 is likely the motherboard or CPU.

To clear the CMOS it will depend on which motherboard.
If there is a clear CMOS button or if you need to power down, remove power and remove the battery on the motherboard.