Lambda Quad (Ubuntu) can't connect to monitor

Hi, I’ve just got the Lambda Quad but I can’t connect to my Dell monitor. Since the Lambda Quad doesn’t come with HDMI or VGA port, I tried using one of its USB port by connecting a HDMI-to-USB adaptor, but doesn’t work. I tried using its only USB Type-C by connecting a HDMI-to-TypeC adaptor, but doesn’t work. I can’t use the workstation without being able to see a display. Help! Any hardware recommendation will be appreciated. Thanks.

The USB-C to HDMI should work if you plug the USB-C into the top graphics card instead of the motherboard slot. Depending on the CPU, there may not be integrated graphics so you have to use the top graphics card.

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Thanks a lot. It worked! But now am encountering “No Wi-Fi Adaptor Found”. I did plug in the Asrock High Performance Antenna that came with the lambda quad though. Any idea what’s wrong? Thanks.