Upgradng Quad w/ 4x 1080Ti to 2x 3080 Ti - how much pain?

Are there any support docs or references for what I’ll need to do to get everything working?

I imagine I’ll be upgrading the OS (18.04 LTS) and rebuilding the Stack.

Hi Richard,

I think your biggest hurdle here will be that the RTX 30XX series needs CUDA 11+, so programs/models you’re training on the 1080Ti’s will likely need some modification given the CUDA versioning changes.

Otherwise I don’t see you running into power restraints or space in your chassis as you’re going from 4 cards to 2. For documentation, here is our guide for upgrading/installing Ubuntu 20.04 with Lambda Stack. (URL says 18.04 but the link within the guide will take you to the 20.04 ISO)

If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket with us by sending us an email to support@lambdal.com

Calvin Wallace
Linux Support Engineer

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Awesome - thank you, Calvin. Excellent.

You don’t happen to sell the 3080 Ti for upgrading your Lambda Quads, by any chance. Predatory pricing out on the open market.

Hi Richard,

I’m not sure. That would be a good question for our Sales team. If you’d like, you can email them at sales@lambdalabs.com and they’ll be able to assist you. Also, if you can provide them your invoice ID or even the original quote number, I know that’d be super helpful for them.

Calvin Wallace
Linux Support Engineer

Thanks very much, Calvin. I’ve written Sales with a copy of my Invoice including Invoice ID.

Fingers crossed!


Is the Sales team drastically underwater or something? I got one reply almost immediately, apologizing for not sending me the system I bought in 2018, thanking me for my patience, and saying I’d have it in two weeks. (???)

I replied back explaining that I already have that system, restating that I want to buy 2x RTX 3080 Ti to replace the 4x 1080 Ti in my original system - and here’s my original Invoice ID so you know I’m actually a customer.

Not dragging you into this, just want to know the most effective way to get either “no way” or “here’s your invoice, we’ll ship them when paid” from the Sales team.

The system should be able to use 2x 3080Tis. Each GPU uses about 350Ws for the RTX 3080 Ti
perhaps a bit more on spikes (like pytorch imagenet runs).

Here is the specs and ‘Check your System Compatibility’:
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Family

The software upgrade command should be:
a. sudo apt-get upgrade
b. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

And if you run into conflicts, I would be happy to help you get through those.

The lambda benchmarks comparing the GPUs is at:
GPU Benchmarks for Deep Learning | Lambda

Also consider memory on the GPUs depending on your needs.