Why lambda stack not install tensorflow-gpu?

after install lambda stack I tried to check which python package install by using
pip list
pip3 list

but I found that there is no tensorflow-gpu install only tensorflow (1.12.0) and tensorflow-serving-api (1.12.0) are present.

Also, when training the model it seems to use gpu not cpu.

so I need to know that is tensorflow-serving-api equivalent to tensorflow-gpu or not ? also do I need to install tensorflow-gpu ?

Lambda stack uses apt to install the packages, so they’re not going to show up on the pip/pip3 list.

Did you solve this issue? My models are also training on CPU, not GPU. Tensorflow does not recognize the GPU from Jupyter or console.

I created an environment from lambda stack following the instructions in this forum. Pip list does show tensorflow-gpu in the virtual environment.