Current cuda, cudnn versions?

Apologies for the noob question. There are several related questions, but they seem out-of-date.

I’m doing ML with a non-conventional framework, and it didn’t work out-of-the box with Lambda because of CUDA version mismatch.

I need to recompile my ML framework to whatever version is the one lambda uses, hence my question: what is the current version, and is there a page listing the version numbers that I can refer to when versions change?

Even better if there is a corresponding NVidia docker that matches what is used in Lambda instances …

Many thanks in advance!

You should update your ML framework to match the CUDA version provided by Lambda.

Here are some steps to download the current version:

Take the updated information from the official website of the AWS Lambda documentation.
You can see the setup of your Lambda function in the AWS Lambda console, which is mentioned in the CUDA version.

Also, you can support the AWS support team.