Desktop intermittent blurring

I just received a new TensorBook just over a month ago. I have been experiencing some strange graphics behavior. After an hour or so of use all open windows, dock, dash, basically everything on the desktop starts to intermittently blur at irregular intervals varying from under a second to a couple of seconds. Has anyone else experienced this and if so do you have a fix? Thanks.

Can you take a photo next time it happens and post it here?

Dear Stephen,

Thanks for the reply. I solved the intermittent blurring problem by opening the NVidia X Server Settings Application going to Antialiasing Settings and un-selecting Enable FXAA. However I am now experiencing momentary freezing of the whole screen every so often (around once every Hour). When it unfreezes Ubuntu actually detects an internal error related to the gnome-shell and generates an error report. I always send the report in.



Not sure about your exact configuration but you can always try and re-install Ubuntu 18.04 to get a more stable build:

That tutorial can help with that.