Lambda Tensorbook running extreamly slow with Ubuntu 2022 or 2023

We have several Tensorbooks running Ubunut 2022 or 2023 all of which will randomly become very slow for no reason at that we can see.

By slow I mean:

  • GUI applications become visibly slow to update.
  • Typing in a shell becomes laggy and almost unusable.
  • The time it takes to compile our C++ project goes from taking less than 1 minute more than doubles or triples.

I’ve made a number of attempts to diagnose the issue but I’ve come up short on any solution.
I have noticed that it appears that maybe (based on info from the BTop utility) the CPU’s are being throttled way down (i.e. 400Mhz) even with the governor set at high performance.

We would greatly appreciate any hints or help on resolving the issue.

Matt S.

Hi Matt - did you ever get a response on this? I am considering purchasing, but am unsure about support and build quality.
Thank you


I have a support ticket open with Lambda and am actively working through the issue with a tech.
I’m sending him more diagnostic info today.

Matt S.

Ah I see. By the way thank you for the quick response. Did they happen to send replacement/loaner hardware in the meantime?

No, I have talked with them about replacement hardware.

I will say that they seem to be very reluctant to support our unit that has Ubuntu 23.04 installed, they only support their configuration for Ubuntu 22.04, which is understandable.