Imitation Learning with Horovod and Open MPI HPC Libraries

I’m attempting to run the imitation learning library Atari-Reset from openai on Github.

This repo requires installation of Horovod on GPU and Cuda-aware Open MPI. Would it be possible for you to write a installation guide for this stack? It gets confusing when Open MPI asks for the locations of the ucx-cuda and cuda locations (See ‘Building CUDA-aware Open MPI’).

I have been able to install the libraries with CPU support, but I want to get the GPU compute power of my Lambda Quad.

Hi William, I’ll let the team that develops Lambda Stack know that you’d like CUDA aware Open MPI / Horovod integrated into Lambda Stack.

That would be an even better outcome! These tools are particularly valuable to your customers who are looking at clusters of Lambda machines for reinforcement / imitation learning tasks. I look forward to future updates to the Lambda Stack.


Do you have an ETA for this implementation? Thank you.


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Ditto, looking to see a formal timeline communicated.

Has there been any discussion on the timeline to implement this request to Lambda stack? Or reach out to the open source developers at Uber?