Lambda Quad: Using Anaconda / Docker?

Has anyone experimented or installed either Docker or Anaconda on a Lamba machine? Concerned about not stepping on the installed packages.

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Yes we run training runs inside a docker container on our lambda boxes. It works well. If you want to try out a pre-built container for keras and tensorflow checkout my repo:

I just released these today so I’m looking for feedback - try them out and let me know if you run into problems.


Thanks very much – will have a look straight away.

what version of cuda are you running on the host? The install script will try to upgrade you to the latest driver. So far this has been fine on my machines (Titan-X’s and 1080 Ti’s).

If you don’t want to upgrade your driver, let me know which version of cuda you are running and I’ll create a container that will work with your version of cuda on the host.

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Thank you very much.

ubuntu@lambda-quad:~$ echo $PATH | grep -i cuda
ubuntu@lambda-quad:/usr/local/cuda$ cat /usr/local/cuda/version.txt
CUDA Version 9.0.176

that should be fine.