Lambda Blade: Not recognizing new SATA drive

I am installing additional SATA 4TB HDDs and none of them are being recognized by the system. When I run sudo fdisk -l only my pre-existing drives show up. After Googling around, I found that the issue may be that those SATA slots are turned on in the BIOS. Is this correct? How do I access the BIOS?

I believe that we’ve spoken on the phone. Your problem is likely that you already have populated the maximum of 8 drives in your Lambda Blade. The Lambda Blade only supports up to 8 SATA devices until you need to get an additional hardware bus adapter (HBA) or RAID card to support additional drives. You can get that device and then plug it into the motherboard via PCIe and then into the drive back plane of the server via SFF-8643 cables.