Networking issue with LambdaBlade

We’ve recently acquired a lambda blade server and when we first ran it (and the network configuration) that server wasn’t connected to our network.

So now it’s having networking issues, namely the dchp client is not able to obtain an ip and ethernet link always shows up as DOWN. However, if we connect directly to another server acting as DHCP it works fine.

We’ve tried setting the right network configuration through netplan, /etc/network/interfaces config file and even manual network connections in both the Ubuntu Server 18.04 version that came pre-installed and a brand new Ubuntu 18.04.03.
We also followed the solution proposed in Lambda Blade: internet not working - Technical Help - DeepTalk - Deep Learning Community and manually added DNS addresses, but to no avail.

Are you aware of a similar problem? And, could you indicate if it’s possible to re-run the network configuration step that occurs during the first boot?