SSH into lamda issue

Hi there:

I have a problem when I SSH into our lambda machine. I SSH into it just fine, but for some reason I am unable to ping my current machine from the lambda machine. From lambda I can ping outside sites just fine, just not my laptop where the session originated. This looks like a configuration on lambda, so what do I need to configure on the lambda machine that would allow this to work?


We’re seeing this SSH-related problem too with a Lambda Blade server – or, rather, something very similar (ssh works for a bit after reboot, say for 10-15 minutes, then one can no longer ssh into the Lambda machine). I haven’t thoroughly checked the logs yet, but next plan is to go snooping around in /var/log (also PAM? maybe something at that level?). Finally, one last thought: from the SSH client side, one can try debugging by increasing the verbosity (the “-v” switch) when you issue the command, something like “$] ssh -v where.ever”, or “-vvv” for full verbosity and two “v” for intermediate).