Reinstalling operative system

hello team, the lambda laptop is heating up and having some issue, this morning i got an error for kernel panic which i was able to fix.
i want to restore the laptop to the day i got it or reinstall the ubuntu.
can you guys advice on how to approach this?
thank you

Hi jhdez,

Here is our guide on reinstalling Ubuntu with Lambda Stack:

The URL says 18.04 but the links within will take you to the Ubuntu 20.04 install. I also see that you’ve inquired about if Lambda Stack works on 21.10. While most, if not all, should still work on 21.10, we do not support Ubuntu 21.10 so we won’t be able to assist you should you encounter any issues. As such, I’d highly recommend sticking with 20.04.

Please follow the guide to restore the laptop and do reach out should you find that your Tensorbook is still overheating. Also, if you’re wanting to generate a ticket with our support team for quicker responses, please email

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hello thanks for the response. i followed those instructions and everything went well.
One more question. what are the links i need to add to Software and Update. i noticed the are not there anymore.
Thank you