Using the Stack on Other OS's

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I despise GNOME. It’s slow as all get-out because it’s too resource-heavy. Even KDE is faster now. My favorite desktop environment for Linux is Xfce, hands-down. It offers the best balance between speed and application compatibility. So my favorite distro/desktop combo is Linux Mint Xfce 19. Xubuntu isn’t bad, but it just isn’t quite as easy to install the applications I use.

So the question is: can you use the Lambda stack for managing CUDA, cuDNN, tensorflow, etc., on Linux Mint Xfce? Or Xubuntu? Linux Mint Xfce 19 is based on Ubuntu 18.04, so my hope is that you could use the stack on it.

Or is your best bet simply to install Xfce on top of Ubuntu and use that? Would that work with the stack?

Thanks for your time!

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Yes Ubuntu with xfce works fine but I always had problems with other distros.

Nice! One clarifying question: was that Xubuntu? Or was it Ubuntu with Xfce installed on top of it?

Thanks for your input!

No it’s just Ubuntu with Xfce installed on top.

I see. I’m curious if Xubuntu would work. Maybe I’ll spin up a VM and try it out.

Sure just try it. I dont experiment any more.

It didn’t work. Some repo wasn’t enabled. Gonna try it in base Ubuntu now.

Well, it didn’t work in base Ubuntu, either - a fresh install inside a VirtualBox VM. Beginning to wonder if there isn’t a step missing, such as adding a repo to the sources list.

Currently the best way to install Lambda Stack with xfce is to do what @leonnowsden did and install Xfce on top of vanilla Ubuntu.

All right: got the install to (mostly) work in straight Ubuntu 18.04. I still have one error, though. It can’t install the libnppig9.0 package. Is that a typo? I’ve seen the libnpng package. Is that what was intended? In that case, maybe the install script needs that corrected?

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An update: I was able to install flawlessly on Xubuntu 18.04. Nice!

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The libnppig9.0 was just the same issue in my other thread. Kept at it for long enough, and it connected ok and installed the package.

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