My Tensorbook is very hot and closes very shortly after opening

Hi, just received my tensorbook yesterday and I have barely received it, but the product is becoming hot, fans are activated as soon as the computer opens… then, after an hour, a popup appears telling me that my computer will close :frowning:

What can I do?

Hi Olivier,

What software are you running on the TensorBook? Is this with running no additional software at all or is this when you’re doing a training job? Can you send a support ticket to

Hey guys, one thing is that you may have accidentally pressed Fn+! (Fn + 1 as in Function + 1)

You can tap Fn + 1 a few times to cylce through the fan settings and set it to a quieter default.

Old school fix, get a vacuum cleaner give your vent a good hard suck, clear out stuff that accumulates and in one case a screw.
Works more often than you might think.