Tensorbook Max fan issues and battery usage

I have recently purchased a tensorbook max and it the fan comes on all the time even if no application is running on machine. Did anyone noticed this and is there a solution for this ? My batter seems to last less then 3 hours even if I am mot doing any deep learning stuff. Thanks for any feedback on this.

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Can you try htop and then read out the CPU usage. and then kill the process.

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Hey guys, one thing is that you may have accidentally pressed Fn+! (Fn + 1). Note that this is NOT function plus eff one but Function plus ONE as in 1.

Please tap Fn + 1 a few times to cylce through the fan settings and set it to a quieter default.

When I do the trick with Fn+1 it works, but when cycling to the lowest of the three modes, it switches slowly within one minute back to the middle setting (which is too noisy).
Is there a way to edit those fan settings? Where can I find the configuration file? Bios?

@alex somebody on our support email support@lambdalabs.com can try and help out. It sounds like you’re already in a conversation thread with them.

For now, running these commands will disable the discrete GPU (Nvidia) for graphics, falling back to the integrated graphics (Intel). That should reduce the temperature, and allow the fan to run quieter.

sudo rm /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/11-nvidia-prime.conf
sudo systemctl disable gpu-manager.service
sudo reboot

I did that, but can’t use a second screen via HDMI or DP then.

I tried going back to use my second display with
sudo systemctl enable gpu-manager.service
but the display doesn’t work despite the 11-nvidia-prime.conf being created.

/var/log/gpu-manager.log looks normal, except that it doesn’t find the output for card1 driven by “nvidia-drm”, which should show HDMI and DP. Only card0 driven by “i915” shows output 0: card0-eDP-1.

nvidia-smi gives Disp.A Off
and processes Xorg, gnome-shell are running on it

xrandr also only shows eDP and no HDMI or DP

EDIT (solution):

when doing that, there can be problems with gmd3 afterwards. Solution is to install
sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop
and switch to lightdm via
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
then everything works fine again

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Thanks for clarifying that!

Is there a way to check what setting the fan is currently on? It gets hot when running heavy and just want to make sure the fan is at full blast.